Vocational Development Services – On-the-Job-Training


The Arc works to integrate people with I/DD in all aspects of life – especially work.  Our Vocational Development Center program offers vocational training and real jobs – with a real paycheck.



The consumer gets on-the-job training, marketable skills and valuable work experience.  Plus he or she gets the chance to demonstrate efficiency, dependability and productivity – characteristics employers rate as the most important for potential employees.



Our vocational development center provides the perfect environment for mastering assembly and warehouse skills demanded in the job market. Job skills clients develop include assembly work, packaging, shrink wrapping, sorting and labeling, mailing and folding, janitorial and many others.



It all starts with the Arc’s Customer Service Department which competes with local and national companies for production contracts.



Our clients work closely with a production supervisor who teaches the job task by example taking physical limitations into account.



We work with – or have worked with – companies such as:  Ghirardeli Chocolate, Annie Chun, Inc, Shasta, Chronicle Books, Danville Materials, Torani, Morton Salt, Berkeley Heart Labs and many others.



The Arc has a computer lab which is available for vocational development services – everything from mathematics and spelling, to data entry, computer office skills and even searching on-line for a job.  Habilitation Coordinators also work to improve softer workplace skills such as punctuality.



The program works!  Over 25% of clients enrolled in the vocational development program have moved to our Supported Employment Program.  And at times, clients with an individual placement job have returned to the development center to gain additional skills until moving back to a community job.




San Leandro Vocational Development Center
14700 Dolittle Drive, San Leandro, CA 94577
Contact: Cecilia Connolly
Phone: (510) 394-9886
email: ceciliaconnolly@arcalameda.org